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What will it take to turn everything around? 

Alan Sasha Lithman is my guest again and this time for his new book, "A Trust for the Earth".  We'll be talking about the forces at play that are inhibiting progress to alter the destructive path the planet and civilization are on.  If we can better understand the limitations, we can find ways to overcome them.
Of course, time is of the essence and changes need to be swift and thorough.  Can we break the mold of greed, ignorance and propaganda that has gripped society for so many years?  What opportunities are there to make change?

A fascinating interview with a man who dreams through time finding missing pieces of history.

Robert Moss has written more than a dozen books about dreaming and shamanic journeys.  His latest book, "The Boy Who Died and Came Back", starts in his childhood when he died twice.  That introduced him to otherworldly adventures and he began a career of traveling through time and visiting many historically rich locations.
He works with anthropologists and archeologists to bring them information from his dream travels that solves missing pieces in their work.
He gives many workshops around the world (I took one with him in New York) and has even collected a number of gifted dream travelers who he calls "frequent flyers" and they go on group journeys.
His latest book is a very deep journey in itself and I was totally absorbed in its fascinating content.  So many questions get answered.  On the show, we'll even talk about his ongoing relationships with "Jack" C.S. Lewis, W.B. Yeats and the rejoinder he received from J.R.R. Tolkien.  
Don't miss this opportunity to hear about Robert's travels and experiences.
We need to save the whales to save the planet.  The Emissary can do it! 
Patricia Cori has written a powerful, captivating novel about whales and their mission to maintain the frequencies that hold the planet.
When I picked up her book, I wasn't able to put it down.  The action and suspense are fantastic and the story meets my deepest understandings of higher consciousness.
The whales are under attack and the heroine, Jamie Hastings, has the ability to speak with them.  Her mission to save them brings her to the edge of personal and planetary destruction.  
You won't want to miss this interview with Patricia about her greater planetary purpose for writing this book.
We can all improve our conversational intelligence to make this a better life and a better world.  It's remarkable what we don't understand about our communications.  Our egos play a big role in limiting our abilities to listen and share in mutually empowering ways.
I'm interviewing Judith Glaser, the author of "Conversational Intelligence".  She has worked with many large companies, turning their businesses around by showing them how to communicate among themselves and with customers differently.  
We all have expectations that our words and meanings are getting across to people and that might not be so.  Listen in to hear how we can become so much more effective in all our relationships.

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