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A lot of intuition flows through from higher consciousness and many of us intuitives don't ask from where it comes.  It's the quality of the information that counts.  Hope Ives Mauran, the author of "Being the Miracle of Love", believes the same but her messages often come from spirits who offer their names.  That was the case with her new book dictated to her by a spirit named Jesus.

She understood and I reacted that many of us might question who this spirit truly is.  I cautiously waded into the book and was very swayed by the profound messages throughout.  We are coming into a new age and the book is filled with understandings of what will be needed to be in the consciousness of a world that can actually work.

Tune into this interview to learn more about the richness of the information and the story of Hope's journey with Jesus.

You can listen to the show when it airs on Saturday at Noon or listen to the archive.

For so many of us, mental/emotional health is a primary goal as we or loved ones are struggling for more calm, clarity, coping and normalcy.

Now there is a highly researched opportunity;  22 medical journal publications, 15 university studies including Harvard and 41 independent research studies that have found that a particular nutritional formulation creates wonderful shifts in brain health.

I'm interviewing Tony Stephans who developed this uniquely produced supplement following tragedy and disability in his immediate family due to mental/emotional difficulties.  That was 16 years ago and he has an incredible story to tell about the success he's created for himself and many thousands of others to live normal and productive lives.

You might ask why you haven't heard of this before and that's because it has only recently been introduced for sale in this country.

It's really helpful to everyone as we all live stressful lives and would like to sleep better and live more calmly through the storms of life.  It's especially important for people who can't find a semblance of normalcy.

Be sure to tune in Saturday at Noon or listen to the archive.

We might not realize what a popular tool art has become for healing.  When people can be immersed in creation, they can open blocks that have stifled the healing process.  

Dr. Michael Samuels, the co-author of "Healing with the Arts", is my guest to talk about the process people can enter to find their own artistic passion.  In reading the book, I got very excited about the many different ways we can recognize our inner artist/healer and create art projects such as Medicine Wheels that empower us.

We can all be artists!  Tune in to this inpsiring opportunity to open up new energy in your life.

Listen to an unusual show this week that deciphers the original version of the Book of Genesis according the deeper meanings of hebrew letters and words. Glynda-Lee Hoffman has written "The Genesis Code" about a new way to interpret stories and phrases according to these meanings.

The way we interpret "good and evil" will get a complete turnaround as will the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

Her approach to genesis offers powerful insights into the dynamics of life in the present time and what is needed to push forward.

It's an important show to tune into.

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