For so many of us, mental/emotional health is a primary goal as we or loved ones are struggling for more calm, clarity, coping and normalcy.

Now there is a highly researched opportunity;  22 medical journal publications, 15 university studies including Harvard and 41 independent research studies that have found that a particular nutritional formulation creates wonderful shifts in brain health.

I'm interviewing Tony Stephans who developed this uniquely produced supplement following tragedy and disability in his immediate family due to mental/emotional difficulties.  That was 16 years ago and he has an incredible story to tell about the success he's created for himself and many thousands of others to live normal and productive lives.

You might ask why you haven't heard of this before and that's because it has only recently been introduced for sale in this country.

It's really helpful to everyone as we all live stressful lives and would like to sleep better and live more calmly through the storms of life.  It's especially important for people who can't find a semblance of normalcy.

Be sure to tune in Saturday at Noon or listen to the archive.

Energy Stew
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