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Happiness is one of the top priorities of life and we'd all like to maximize it.  Unfortunately, it can also be very elusive and inconsistent.  Barbara Berger has written the book "Are You Happy Now?" and since we've been learning that now is all that really counts, we can certainly see the opportunity here.
What I like most about Barbara's book is her list of the 10 ways we can sabotage our happiness.  Of course we can find steps to increase happiness by being more optimistic and counting our blessings, but maybe we can be happier by learning how to stop doing the things that wreck it. 
I think you'll appreciate this interview with Barbara as we discuss behaviors we can change.  Be sure to tune in and learn new ways to happify your life.

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Sometimes the medical community just doesn't let people die. I'm interviewing Donna Corso, the author of "When the Wind Chimes Chime". We'll be talking about life and death and how hard it can be for the living to let people move on. Most of us don't want to die because we have so much to live for. Some people don't have the choice. When it is time, we could be so much more helpful if we hold death as the opportunity for a new (or return to) life in an old familiar spiritual world.

In particular, the book tells the story of a little boy with terminal cancer who's parents wanted their son to die in peace (as did the son). The medical community wouldn't allow that and insisted on many painful procedures even though it was known they wouldn't be helpful.

We really do need to re-frame death and Donna is a great spokesperson for that. Be sure to tune in and be uplifted by this interview.

A new way to heal has been brought to me via an intuitive download. This is a method to decondition the psyche to transform old patterns of thought and behavior that interfere with our lives.
It's called True Life Circles and uses the numeric algorithm of our birth dates drawn into a measured circle with our hands placed on it.  The initial experiences that people have had with this have been powerful.  Our birth dates are our spiritual addresses in the universe for this life and represent the pure essence of who are here to be.  I call this healing a stem cell treatment for the psyche.
My 2 guests, Lisa Denton and Tika Vales are profound healers and have participated in this new healing program.  They have wonderful insights into the mechanics of this modality and are very articulate about both the scientific and esoteric foundations of it.
The transmissions for this are being offered as a free program

It's in the middle of the night that the wolf appears and our minds are drawn to our deep fears about unfinished business and potential misfortune.  There are ways to keep this wolf at bay and Paul Lipton has written the book, "Hour of the Wolf" and will talk with me about strategies to manage our lives so we are not vulnerable to these visits.

God is not a topic common to Buddhism so when a well known Zen Buddhist monk writes a book about the subject, it'll probably have interesting insights.  That's the case with Brad Warner's new book "There is No God, and He is Always With You".  Even atheists are very interested in God and I think many of us can and do enjoy the discourse about this topic.

It is a fascinating book that comes from the Zen and Buddhist way of looking at life and the cosmos.  I think you'll enjoy the unique discussion of this point of view.

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