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Our minds are always needing to tell us their opinions and our survival depends on good judgment.  The question is the clarity and objectivity that our minds employ.  Karuna Cayton has written a wonderful new book, "The Misleading Mind, How we create our own problems and how Buddhist Psychology can help us solve them".  We can learn to get out of our own way.  Be sure to tune in and find out how.

In 1982, Mellen-Thomas Benedict had an unusually profound Near Death Experience where he connected with a presence that he calls The Light.  He was given very fascinating information about life (including the future), spirit and the Universe and continues to communicate with The Light to this day.  I think you'll find this interview to be very interesting.

I was fascinated to read Bernie Fallon's book "Goodology" and learn his strategies about living a better life.  This is a wonderful book that creates a consciousness about handling our upsets in responsible ways.  Life can keep on triggering negative responses within ourselves and then it comes out of us in ways that are self-limiting.

Listen to this interview about how to notice how we might not be fostering good in ourselves and others and how we can alter the process.  We want to make this a better life and this talk with Bernie might help move it along.

Everyone wants to create value in life and be proud of our accomplishments.  How do we find a lasting way to do this?  Herb Cohen sought his mark as an athlete and competed in 2 Olympics and won a national championship.  He realized this wasn't enough and sought deeper ways to find one's value in life.  A book he just completed, "Journey to Feel like a Man", is a review of that effort.  This interview looks at the different ways we try to give value to our lives.  Listen in.

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Forgiveness can be a powerful tool if used effectively.  Most people just give it lip service.  There's a simple and proven method for it that is described in Mary Hayes Grieco's book, "Unconditional Forgiveness". This interview with her will help you understand the method so you can use some new and better ways to not only forgive others but maybe especially to forgive yourself.  Be sure to listen in.

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