For many of us, it's not a matter of belief that there's an afterlife.  Some of us can communicate with the dead and millions of others have had some sort of re-connection with those who have died.

I'm interviewing Echo Bodine, a gifted intuitive who has many interactions not only with the dead but also with the souls of people who are dying.  If we under- stood the process better, it would make it a lot easier for families to assist in the transition.  Her book "What Happens When We Die" is an opportunity to learn so much about it.

She writes about the reasons souls have given her for dying no matter how inopportune the death may appear to be.  It really helps to see everything in the bigger picture of our soul journey and soul purpose. It's often not what we are led to believe through the limited reality we normally see.  Death is not the problem if we're truly moving on to a heavenly place. Grief and loss are our biggest troubles and we need to honor that struggle.

Tune into this insightful interview about an important subject matter for us all.

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