How relevant is the Statue of Liberty in this election?

Women have long been oppressed in our society yet the Statue of Liberty makes that look quite different. When great inspiration is needed, art and statuary depicting strong women seems to be an ongoing historic theme.

Unfortunately, the rise of women in power hasn't been received very well. Indigenous tribes held women in great esteem, considering them their wise leaders. 

The creation of the Statue of Liberty is a complex story and the book "The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World" examines it in great detail. It also has a wonderful narrative of the history of feminine power from Native Americans to our current culture.

It's a very absorbing book and the authors, Linda Cortner and Robert Hieronimus are dedicated to supporting women's empowerment.

Tune in to this valuable interview to understand their mission and to see why it's so difficult for women to be acknowledged as powerful leaders. 

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