Mas is back again and we're in for a treat.

Mas Sajady is one of the unique master healers in the world today.  As the result of 2 near death experiences (among other things), he was gifted with profound insight and healing frequencies that have helped thousands of people.
He has a deep understanding of life on all levels of consciousness and will provide wonderful information for our growth.  During the show, he will also emit healing frequencies to the audience so even if you just listen to the archive, those frequencies will be effective for you.
Among the subjects we'll cover are the foundation frequencies that we are all living with and can be very constricting.  One of our jobs in healing is to raise their frequencies so we can make progress in ways that we've previously been stuck.
Also, Mas will be in New York the middle of October at the New Life Expo to give a talk and a workshop. I'll be there as well and also giving a talk.
Be sure to tune in to this show both for the enlightenment he offers and the healing energy he'll project.

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