So many loved the first interview with her.

Francine Vale is working with an unusual consciousness and it's wonderful to share the mike with her.  She has a deep connection to the spiritual world and holds a great deal of wisdom that we can all appreciate.
Here's what I had to say about her previous interview.
Francine Vale hasn't had it easy in life but spirit led the way.  Many times, spiritual masters showed up to help her see life from different vantage points and appreciate herself and others beyond earthly reality.
Past lives were revealed to her and she was able to understand and experience her deepest spiritual nature.  I was totally fascinated by her book "Song of the Heart, Walking the Path of Light " and was so happy to journey through her other-worldly adventures and understand their teaching.
This interview with Francine will be a wonderful opportunity to hear about the possibility for all of us to interact with and be blessed by other-dimensional beings.  She'll also share the wisdom she acquired in her unusual life.
As an intuitive, I regularly connect with them but they haven't shown up visually to sit down with me as they have with Francine.  Be sure to tune in!

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