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We are all living in the personalities of the playing cards we've uniquely been born into.  I was born as a 4 of Clubs.  It's been fascinating to learn about it and how it relates to the other cards in my family.  My wife is a 2 of Clubs.   It's very helpful in understanding ourselves better and those around us. 

I'm again interviewing card expert Alexander Dunlop.  We'll be mostly talking about how to live with the cards of our friends and family. 

You can find your birth card at, Alexander's website, and then better appreciate the interview.  We've also done shows in the past and one of them analyzed every card in the deck.  You might want to find these shows in the archives going back maybe a year or so.

Tune into this intriguing discussion.

You can listen to the show when it airs on Saturday at Noon or listen to the archive.

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