For this show, Alexander will explain how the 10 (Princess), Jack (Prince), Queen and King are structured to be powerful in this world, but more importantly, how that power is combined with important responsibilities.
This is all very new information that he hasn't shared before.
Be sure to tune into the show and learn things you haven't heard yet.
You can learn about your own cards by going to Alexander's WEBSITE and put in your birth date. It'll immediately show you your birth card and more.
Alexander Dunlop, the author of "Play Your Cards Right", is a great ambassador of this amazing system.
So many people feel that the 52 card deck can't be as profound as Tarot because it's basically for card games.
Alexander Dunlop has figured out why Tarot can't even exist without the 52 card deck (Source Cards).
This is all very new information that hasn't been understood before.
Be sure to tune into the show and learn things I'm sure you haven't yet realized
Cathy Slaght has been using this software, SRC4U, for 20 years and has much to say about its performance.
This is a very elaborate program that can be instructed to handle most of life's problems. It's extremely intelligent as it's plugged into universal energies by the developer who's a Qi Gong Grand Master and has figured out how to use these energies to follow your detailed intentions.
There are many lists available in the software that makes it easy for you to program it. You can also be included in Cathy's ongoing group and get powerful healings withou needing your own program.
The software has so many tools that it can get complicated and takes time to get used to which might be that it's better to let her do it for you or at least she can introduce you to it
None of this is expensive so you might want to experiment with it. I'm dedicated to it for myself, family and clients.
As a group, we're going to look at the methods we're each using to keep ourselves intact moving forward.
Everyone is challenged by a seemingly frightening future and we'll talk about what it means to us and how we want to hold it.
I've asked 3 people to join in again and you'll likely know 2 of them, Alexander Dunlop and Hope Fitzgerald, since they've been on Energy Stew numerous times. The third is a fascinating young man, Yerasimos Stilianessis. who you can find on his website,instagram and twitter.
Tune in to hear a discussion that you'll be able to chew on.
How many of you have encountered angels in this life? So many have and its a great blessing.
George Washington was visited by an angel at Valley Forge who told him about the future and his eventual success as well as about future wars centuries ahead.
There were 6 Russian cosmonauts who were visted in space. The angels showed up outside their craft and appeared to be as large as a 747 plane.
Of course, these are famous encounters but there are many day to day experiences that are common to many of us.
Not all angels have wings and halos and many are teachers who are recognizable people from the past who have important messages for us.
I myself have had many visitations and know how magical and helpful they are.
Tune in to hear Tricia McCannon talk about the contributors to her book, "Angels, Personal Encounters with Divine Beings of Light", who have had their own amazing angel experiences.
The most important concern for those with Alzheimers is to relate to them as full human beings.
They're cognitively challenged and might not meet our standards of appropriate intelligence in this complictaed world. They usually lose respect as they can't think like the rest of us.
This wonderful book, written by Stephen G. Post, is very comprehensive in its understanding of people with deep forgetfulness and their loving caregivers.
It can help us all to see this very rich recognition of the life that continues in these forgetful ones and how to honor them throughout all their jouney.
They are always with us even though we might not identify that. Just being present with them is what counts most.
Don't miss this opportunity to be enriched by this interview.
Some people can change the face of a continent. Toby Tanser is one of them. He's an amazing dedicated individual who has always worked on a shoe string and yet has brought about powerful progress.
His story is hard to believe due to the incredible life challenges he's overcome while staying on great purpose to change the lives of millions.
His book, "Running with Destiny" is one of the most profound and action-packed books I've ever read. He traveled to Kenya as a young, swift runner seeking speed and quickly diverted himself, at first, to bring tens of thousands of shoes to a poverty stricken Sub-Sahara Africa.
He started the charity, Shoe4Africa, which has grown to also build large hospitals and schools throughout that region.
He never would to take a dime for himself as there was so much need elsewhere.
More people have had paranormal experiences than you might realize.
Rey Hernandez has worked extensively to accumulate thousands of accounts about all sorts of realities beyond what we consider normal.
He has a huge volume of literature you can access that come from scientific and academic sources.
In this incredible interview, he'll talk about a multiverse beyond what our brains can fathom. It's a huge body of work and he's a terrific representative for it.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the potentials of our nonlocal consiousness.
Here's a link to Rey's WEBSITE and this is his EMAIL where he'd like to be contacted
Dr. Dravon James is the founder of Everyday Peace and the author of "Freedom is Your Birthright".
We're going to talk about how our emotions are conditioned in life and we're not necessarily free to express ourselves honestly to others and ourselves too.
We need to find inner freedom to live in our greater purpose and this isn't always easy to do. We first need to understand what holds us back. Often, it's just about having enough self-belief.
This time of year, we're faced with many emotional questions as it pushes us to behave in ways that aren't often comfortable. Most families are dysfunctional in some way or more and we're put to the test.
Do we know ourselves well enough to navigate through this season? Can we stay grounded and optimum?
Not everyone believes they have magic but it's a mistake to not appreciate your own powers.
Itzhak Beery, realized his shamanic path after years of living in a normal reality. He'll talk about how he was drawn to do this work.
He'll also talk about important shamanic symbols that demonstrate our changing times. These are very clear to understand.
Don't miss this wonderful interview with a truly profound shaman who can help us all find our own shamanic paths.

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