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How truly free is your will? -  Energy Stew interview with Eldon Taylor
We would all like to be more in charge of our lives and expect our free will to be very powerful. 
Yes, we can have plenty of determination but where do the choices come from for that to manifest? How do we make our choices? What kind of illusions and conditions surround our thoughts and color them?
has long understood that our conscious minds are limited and the sub-conscious has more control than we would like. He has made a life out of helping us be more true to ourselves in our conscious reality.
Tune into this in-depth interview about his new book, Choices and Illusions, and learn a lot about how your mind works and how to help it.


Are these really enlightened times? C'mon! -  Energy Stew interview with Jason Gregory
In this difficult time it would sure help to be more enlightened. Is enlightenment to help us get out of this dense reality?
Is seeking this the answer? Are we to avoid duality? Do we really need to escape? 
So what really is enlightenment, and how can we find it without negating what we're in this life to do? Are we really here to negate living in the craziness of today?
Jason Gregory is the author of "Enlightenment Now" and can answer these questions to provide the path to liberation.
Listen to this deep interview with Jason about how to live in the true nature of enlightenment.


What is the purpose of our hearts if not to pump blood? Maybe new understandings of the mechanics of blood will help us. 
Dr. Tom Cowan, the author of "Human Heart, Cosmic Heart" is working with a new discovery about water known as the 4th phase. It shows that water when sitting in a vessel can create its own charge and move itself. It's why water can climb a 300 foot tree.
We have thousands of miles of blood vessels and our small hearts have to help the blood get through all of them. Now we know that blood can help the heart out by moving itself. So then why do we need the heart?
Dr. Cowan explains the heart is shaped to torque the blood into a helpful spin which strengthens its 4th phase state, so we do need it.
He feels that heart attacks occur when the heart's muscle is limited by an imbalance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. Naturally, this would be due to stress. 
He agrees that arteries can be clogged with plaque but there's enough collateral circulation that blockages can be naturally bypassed.
We need cholesterol for many bodily functions and the amount of cholesterol most often doesn't correlate with the build up of plaque. There are other factors that instruct the body to build plaque even if there is very little cholesterol.
So what do you do for your heart health? Be sure to tune into this show to learn more about heart attacks and how to prevent them.


Do you have a Clarity Compass? -  Energy Stew interview with Dr. Brit Poulson
I'm sure we'd all like to have more clarity in our lives. Maybe we have too many blind spots and fall short of our goals. 
It's a good idea to have some structure to analyze and strategies our purposes and get what we want out of life. Dr. Brit Poulson is a great help for that and has written the book, "The Clarity Compass" to help us be more effective in life.
Be sure to tune into this important interview with Brit and learn how you can make the compass work in your life.


The Human Design System's intriguing predictions for 2017
Each year, the Human Design System provides a chart of the year ahead. It usually gets activated later in January (this year the 21st) closer to the Chinese New Year. 
I'll be speaking with ReGina Concotelli who is also a Human Design analyst, as I am.
We'll be analyzing the chart and explain the form that this year will take and how it shows us the way to manage it and ourselves.
I can tell you that it truly understands the crazy times we're in and gives us very specific strategies.
You don't want to miss this opportunity and be better prepared to tackle the times we are facing.


Cannabis can save us from ourselves -  Energy Stew interview with Stephen Gray
We've all learned about the value of medical marijuana and are excited about its potential. It's really only a part of the contributions marijuana and hemp will be making in our lives.
Hemp used to be the best agricultural plant that supported us over a hundred years ago. It's amazing what one acre can provide; 45 tons of vegetable protein, 300 gallons of oil, 25 tons of fiber and much more. It needs no fertilizer or pesticides and improves the soil. It's amazing that it was outlawed.
Too bad it contained a fraction of THC, the intoxicating chemical in marijuana as they are both cannabis plants.
Medical marijuana is the wedge that's driving home the opportunity to be more exposed to the plant, giving us the door to its recreational side.
Many of us go back about 40 and 50 years when we saw pot as a hit and a high and a hunger inducer. Because it was so secretive, we couldn't openly examine the fine distinctions of its many varieties.
Now, in the states it's legal, we have the opportunity to learn about it many mental, psychological and spiritual qualities. 
It really is an opportunity to help us live more calmly and clearly with as much energy or relaxation as we'd like.
Stephen Gray has compiled a wonderful book, "Cannabis and Spirituality" which examines a long history of the benefits of the plant and how it can make this a better world.
Be sure to tune into this insightful interview to learn more about the new opportunity in our lives to help make them better.


Maybe evolution works best during times of confusion and chaos when new choices can be made. 
I'm interviewing Jeff Salzman, one of the Evolutionaries helping us understand the process as it's unfolding. He has weekly commentaries at his website,
This interview will examine current events and see them in the light of what changes are needed for a positive evolutionary future. There is a definitive map of our cultural history that explains the different periods we've been living through and how that evolves into a workable future.
Jeff will help us find a perspective to understand life better. Be sure to tune in and gain some valuable insights.
The politics of inoculations -  Energy Stew interview with Kent Heckenlively
There's a lot of controversy about vaccines. Most people, including doctors, are convinced they are safe. The CDC says there's no association between vaccines and autism. The public generally believes the science is clear.
The truth about the harm from vaccines is known but surpressed. The literature is clear that the dangers are strong. Our government has already paid billions of dollars to families whose children have been harmed by vaccines. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act has created a Vaccine Court to judge and disburse this money.
The most harmful ingredient in vaccines is mercury. New York State actually has a law forbidding mercury in them. There's also a loophole that says if there's a shortage of vaccines, the Health Commissioner can declare a state of emergency due to not enough vaccine availability and let mercury laden vaccines be used. At the beginning of every year, with plenty of vaccines around, her declares the emergency and we have mercury in our vaccines.
There's also the problem of babies receiving too many vaccines before their immune systems can deal with the mercury. The idea is to slow it down and spread it out to make it safer. Also, some vaccines are more dangerous than others and some children are known to be more susceptible than others. The law doesn't care.
Kent Heckenlively has written an important book, "Inoculated, How Science Lost it's Soul in Autism", with great detail about the history and politics of this problem.
Be sure to tune into this very insightful interview with Kent.


Is there a higher wave to catch in 2017? -  Energy Stew interview with Carl Calleman 
Yes, there's a new and uplifting wave to catch called the 9th Wave. Not all of us will have access to it.
That's because so many are caught up in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th waves. They are very captivating and reflect the powers of the past. Not many are ready to let go.
Unfortunately, the 6th wave, which has been the guiding force for the development of our society, has recently nose dived and is causing the chaos that now exists.
Carl Johan Calleman, has written a new book called "The Nine Waves of Creation" where he explains the functioning of these waves and what the new, 9th Wave will do for us.
If you're looking for hope, this interview with Carl will satisfy some of your current confusion.
Be sure to tune in and learn what we're headed for. It's good news.
Does DNA hold the secrets to creation? -  Energy Stew interview with Bruce Buff

It's so exciting to read an action packed thriller that delves into the deeper properties of DNA. Bruce Buff has written a powerful novel, "The Soul of the Matter", where a scientist is unlocking the codes of DNA that might reveal the source of life.

Of course, the powers that be want to get hold of this information and obtain the ability to alter the course of humanity. They use unbelievable strategies to gain access to the secrets.

Tune in to hear Bruce talk about the adventure and the science that makes his book so gripping.


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