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The politics of inoculations -  Energy Stew interview with Kent Heckenlively
There's a lot of controversy about vaccines. Most people, including doctors, are convinced they are safe. The CDC says there's no association between vaccines and autism. The public generally believes the science is clear.
The truth about the harm from vaccines is known but surpressed. The literature is clear that the dangers are strong. Our government has already paid billions of dollars to families whose children have been harmed by vaccines. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act has created a Vaccine Court to judge and disburse this money.
The most harmful ingredient in vaccines is mercury. New York State actually has a law forbidding mercury in them. There's also a loophole that says if there's a shortage of vaccines, the Health Commissioner can declare a state of emergency due to not enough vaccine availability and let mercury laden vaccines be used. At the beginning of every year, with plenty of vaccines around, her declares the emergency and we have mercury in our vaccines.
There's also the problem of babies receiving too many vaccines before their immune systems can deal with the mercury. The idea is to slow it down and spread it out to make it safer. Also, some vaccines are more dangerous than others and some children are known to be more susceptible than others. The law doesn't care.
Kent Heckenlively has written an important book, "Inoculated, How Science Lost it's Soul in Autism", with great detail about the history and politics of this problem.
Be sure to tune into this very insightful interview with Kent.


Is there a higher wave to catch in 2017? -  Energy Stew interview with Carl Calleman 
Yes, there's a new and uplifting wave to catch called the 9th Wave. Not all of us will have access to it.
That's because so many are caught up in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th waves. They are very captivating and reflect the powers of the past. Not many are ready to let go.
Unfortunately, the 6th wave, which has been the guiding force for the development of our society, has recently nose dived and is causing the chaos that now exists.
Carl Johan Calleman, has written a new book called "The Nine Waves of Creation" where he explains the functioning of these waves and what the new, 9th Wave will do for us.
If you're looking for hope, this interview with Carl will satisfy some of your current confusion.
Be sure to tune in and learn what we're headed for. It's good news.
Does DNA hold the secrets to creation? -  Energy Stew interview with Bruce Buff

It's so exciting to read an action packed thriller that delves into the deeper properties of DNA. Bruce Buff has written a powerful novel, "The Soul of the Matter", where a scientist is unlocking the codes of DNA that might reveal the source of life.

Of course, the powers that be want to get hold of this information and obtain the ability to alter the course of humanity. They use unbelievable strategies to gain access to the secrets.

Tune in to hear Bruce talk about the adventure and the science that makes his book so gripping.

Can this be the secret to mastering life?  Energy Stew interview with Marion Mace
Our DNA is mathematically limited to do everything on its own without external help (or hindrance). It needs us and the way we live our lives has great influence. We're partners with our DNA. This is why adding to its math by using algorithms is a great support.
I'm interviewing Marion Mace again to dive deeper into the magic of numbers because e

verything in life has a mathematical foundation. There are codes, formulas and algorithms that everything can be broken down to.
Amazing things can be done to augment our lives by using specific numerical codes including to restore our worn bodies. The numbers can heal the mind, body and spirit.
A while back, I ran into the work of Grigori Grabavoi, a russian scientist, who has developed a very elaborate system of numerical sequences (algorithms).
In this show, I'm again interviewing Marion Mace, who has studied the Grabovoi system and is helping many people by using his numbers. Her website is


My guest is Alexander Dunlop, a card expert, who has been on the show many times and will help you understand your own cards and also even the cards of a significant other in your life.  It's amazing how many problems this can solve.
We're all living out our lives according the hand of cards we've been dealt at birth. I've found them to be entirely accurate and have helped many people not only understand themselves but also understand why their lives have progressed accordingly.
To find out your birth card, you can go to where you provide your birth date. During the show, you can also give us your birth date and we'll quickly know your card.


What's the best way to plan for our future? Energy Stew interview with Tricia McCannon.
These are difficult times for us all. We have no idea where things are really headed. How do we cope?
What we often forget, in the middle of our confusion, is the greater part of ourselves that is always there for us. I'm so glad to interview Tricia McCannon, a very gifted author and teacher who has been on the show many times before when she has new books coming out (including "Return of the Divine Sophia"). This time, I just wanted her to talk about that greater part of us.
It's so important to remember that our spirits can stay lit even though our psyches and egos are so in doubt. Tune into this very insightful interview to be inspired by Tricia's perspective of our real journeys.


What choices are we going to make next? Energy Stew interview with Rico Racosky
We can be flooded with the possibility of new choices but in reality we can only choose 2 of them and the first one is "I won't make that choice" and the next one is to make it. If there are many to choose from, we can only start with the first one. Then we can make the next.
I'm interviewing Rico Racosky, the author of "Just 2 Choices". We're more empowered when we realize that every moment there is a choice we make so let's be conscious of that determination. Once a choice is made, that's it! Remember that there's an opportunity to make even a better choice next.
Rico talks about the quality we can discern about our choices and how to feel them out better. Be sure to tune in to understand your choosing power better.
Get to know your life through your cards in this interview with Alexander Dunlop.
I've been knowing about the qualities of the deck of 52 cards for the last 35 years and only recently have I discovered how much more deeply revealing they are about our personalities and the course our lives follow.
Fortunately, my friend Alexander Dunlop has become an expert about them and has enriched not only my knowledge but that of our listeners as he's been on the show many times.
For this episode, we're going to look at many characteristics of different cards and what they say about our lives. You can identify your own birth card at
Tune into this wonderful discussion with Alexander and also learn about his new book, "The Book of Life".



How can we master life by using numbers? Find out in this  Energy Stew interview with Marion Mace

Everything in life has a mathematical foundation. There are codes, formulas and algorithms that everything can be broken down to.

Science has many ways of using numbers but what if numbers have their own magical qualities by themselves? What if we can use them as tools to influence our lives?

Do you remember the TV series "Touch" starring Kiefer Sutherland? It was all about the power of numbers influencing life. I was totally fascinated by it.

A while back, I ran into the work of Grigori Grabavoi, a russian scientist, who has developed a very elaborate system of numerical sequences (algorithms) that can change our lives.

In this show, I'm interviewing Marion Mace, who has studied the Grabovoi system and is helping many people by using his numbers. Her website is

Tune in and find out about numbers that can change your life.

How relevant is the Statue of Liberty in this election?

Women have long been oppressed in our society yet the Statue of Liberty makes that look quite different. When great inspiration is needed, art and statuary depicting strong women seems to be an ongoing historic theme.

Unfortunately, the rise of women in power hasn't been received very well. Indigenous tribes held women in great esteem, considering them their wise leaders. 

The creation of the Statue of Liberty is a complex story and the book "The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World" examines it in great detail. It also has a wonderful narrative of the history of feminine power from Native Americans to our current culture.

It's a very absorbing book and the authors, Linda Cortner and Robert Hieronimus are dedicated to supporting women's empowerment.

Tune in to this valuable interview to understand their mission and to see why it's so difficult for women to be acknowledged as powerful leaders. 


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