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Everyone is challenged during these difficult times so what are you focusing your attention on? Many of us get too caught up in all the complicated details and fall into fear and despair or just plain get exhausted.
Even though many of us are being champions of life and finding ways to succeed, we can become overwhelmed by the vast changes in our world and its untold future.
Maybe we can take more time to look inward and see the larger picture of our soul journey and our eternal selves. We are really light beings who often forget the light we come from and still hold within us.
I'm so glad to talk with Barbara Berger about our need to turn to self-discovery and see ourselves in this greater light.
Tune in to hear Barbara's wonderful insights. I'm sure you'll be very inspired by her.
We're back again to talk with Ole Dammegard about his latest understandings of the mechanics behind the scenes of our world.
There are many stories we're supposed to believe and yet it's getting easier for many of us to know who to trust.
So many of us have a clear channel to what we know is the truth. It's not a truth we want to keep to ourselves but it's become very difficult to share it with people who believe they also have a clear channel but theirs is on a totally different station.
It's amazing that the two channels can't speak with each other.
We'll be discussing the nature of our current times and learn more about what we don't already know.
Here's a wonderful youtube song that Ole has produced. Link to video. Enjoy it.

Sandra Mendelson, the author of "We Walk Beside You, Animal Messages for an Awakening World", is back again to tell us more about what the animals have to say.

This time, she's going to pass on messages from particular species that have wonderful insights about how the world is currently functioning and how we need to experience it.

Fortunately for them, they don't have the relative fears we carry about life and the complications us humans create for ourselves.

This new year will have its own personality and we'll be immersed in it. Maybe it's a good idea to uncover some of the energy patterns at play for the year.
Alexander Dunlop and I will examine the major themes for 2022 and you'll be amazed at how understandable and predictive they are.
We're all born into a Human Design that we can't help but live with. You don't even have to know about it but you can strategize your life better by knowing the details of who you're born to be.
For this show, I'm going to talk about the ways our minds operate uniquely for each of us.
Knowing the language of your unique mental personality traits allows you to better understand your own behavior as contrasted to others.
As you know, so many of us are thinking very differently than those we live with and there doesn't seem to be obvious accommodations to bridge the gap.
I'll talk through 2 of the higher chakras of the Human Design System so you can understand this better.
If you don't already have your own chart, I can make one up for you. You would need to email me your birth data (date, time & place) and I can get your chart back to you.
Here's a link to my email. LINK

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