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Annette Rugolo, the author of "Soul Whisperer" is back again to talk about the nature of our souls and our need to understand our soul purposes in this difficult time. There are no mistakes on our soul journeys. The time we're in is not a mistake. We came here for dramatic changes and we're only seeing the beginning of them It looks like the world is out of sorts, but our souls are in proper order to travel through the complications and tragedies so many of us are experiencing. Annette will help us look at the greater purpose of our souls and remind us to stay in awareness of the bigger picture of transformation.


Annette Rugolo has wonderful insights to share with us about your soul's choice of being here at this powerful time, not only in our culture, but also for changes that are even beyond our planet. This will provide us with a perspective to manage the crazy time we're in. Tune in to be more inspired for the unfolding that lies ahead.

We're all born into a Human Design that we can't help but live with. You don't even have to know about it but you can strategize your life better by knowing the details of who you're born to be.
For this show, I'm going to talk about the ways we are designed that are strongly different from each other.
Knowing the language of your unique personality traits allows you to better understand your own behavior as contrasted to others.
As you know, so many of us are thinking very differently than those we live with and there doesn't seem to be obvious accommodations to bridge the gap.
I'll talk through several of the chakras of the Human Design System so you can understand this better.
If you don't already have your own chart, I can make one up for you. You would need to email me your birth data (date, time & place) and I can get your chart back to you.
Here's a link to my email. LINK
Hope Fitzgerald is a fascinating spiritual leader who has been given a big job in life. For a long time, she worked with her dowsing rods to connect with others in other dimensions. The rods could speak to her by their movements.
Then, her life got more exciting as spirits from other dimensions actually began speaking to her through clairaudience. She was receiving important messages and the "Infinity Wave" came into being.
Her communication with higher consciousness became clearer and clearer and a number of spirits began not only speaking to her but also speaking through her.
This is a journey that is available to everyone. So, tune in and learn how to step more powerfully into yours.


We're back again to talk with Ole Dammegard about his latest understandings of the mechanics behind the scenes of our world.
There are many stories we're supposed to believe and yet it's getting easier for many of us to know who to trust.
So many of us have a clear channel to what we know is the truth. It's not a truth we want to keep to ourselves but it's become very difficult to share it with people who believe they also have a clear channel but theirs is on a totally different station.
It's amazing that the two channels can't speak with each other.
We'll be discussing this and many other topics in this interview.
Here's a wonderful youtube song that Ole has produced. Link to video. Enjoy it.


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