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We're talking again with Shelli Joye who can help us understand how energies stimulate our consciousness. She talks about the patterns of consciousness and how they influence our lives.l In this interview, we'll talk about some of the ancient knowledge about consciousness as developed by Tibetan Buddhism and how we can bettter access deeper insights. There are infinite realities our minds can access that we're usually not exposed to. The opportunity of these exposures through meditation or psychotropics can guide us to recognize how limited neuroscience has been about brain function. Her new book, "The Electromagnetic Brain", describes the scientific evolution to understand how our awareness functions and the 12 brilliant scientists who have contributed to this path.

Sandra Mendelson, the author of "We Walk Beside You, Animal Messages for an Awakening World", is back again to tell us more about what the animals have to say. They have so much wisdom about many different subject matters and I've asked Sandra to compile her responses from various species about to live smarter in this time. Every species has its awakened representatives who are capable of conversing with her. Just like humans who aren't all wise, the animals have similar percentages. Sandra has had very rich conversations with many species including lions, horses and elephants. You'll be surprised at the different and often unique species that connect with her.

We talk a lot about angels but how many people have had active conversations with them? Do you hear from them? Do they actively respond to you? Many people are highly intuitive but only some are oracles of the Universe.
Adria Estribou is back on the show to speak with and from the angels, Ariel and Raphael, about this life threatening time we're in and how to understand what death means as many of us question our survival.
They'll also speak about life on the other side and how reality functions in higher dimentsions. What the nature of time is here and there will clarify a lot of our questions about differnt lifetimes.
It's so valuable to have perspective about our soul journeys and how they fit into the transitory nature of life in the 3rd dimension.
The angels will surely help us find some clarity and more than hope moving forward. It's important to hear their messages to understand what we're evolving through and even the eventual outcome for all of us.
Tune in for some help from above.

We're all born into a Human Design that we can't help but live with. You don't even have to know about it but you can strategize your life better by knowing the details of who you're born to be. For this show, I'm going to describe the underlying life motivation that colors everything you think and do. There are 6 of them and you can't exchange one for another. They color your life and are called colors even though they are only the numbers of the I'Ching hexagram lines. This is a very profound understanding of our lives that you haven't truly understood before. I wasn't even as expert about them as I became when I researched for this show. My color is the 6 and having learned more about it, I'm much more compassionate to myself. If you don't already know your color (number) from previously working with Human Design, send me an email and I can tell you free of charge. I'll need your birth date, time and place. Here's a link to my email. LINK

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