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Every new year, ReGina Concotelli and I analyze the Human Design chart that tells us what the year will be like. We have to wait for a specific day and time that the chart clicks in and this year, it was on January 22nd at 2:19 AM. From this moment in time, it explains all the characteristics that await us for the year. It always has a lot to say and there's even more than can fit into a half hour but we'll deliver as much of the essence of it as we can. I can tell you that it makes a lot of sense for all that we see going on in the world right now.

Human Design is a combination of the alignment of the planets at a specific moment in time and is usually used for one's birth date and time. The genius of the system is that it knows how to place the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I'Ching around the sky so we can see how it connects to our particular planetary positions.
It uses the traits described in the I'Ching to show which ones apply to us or even the new year. There are 6 lines in each hexagram so there are hundreds of traits (6X64) that can show up and each moment in time has a different combination. That's why we're all so different and why each year is different from the past.
The system also uses chakras and the circuits in between them to add to the complexity of our personalities and to the year as well. Every chart has many deep and enriching stories to tell us. Don't miss the stories about 2018.
ReGina and I are both seasoned Human Design analysts and teachers and love to tell everyone what the system has to say.

Tricia McCannon is one of the deepest people I know. Her books are always major works of profound research and inspired thinking. Her new book, "The Angelic Origins of the Soul, Discovering Your Divine Purpose", is a wonder-ful opportunity to know so much more about ourselves. In this second interview, she'll talk about the nature of our multi-dimensionality and how to understand our soul mission.

Tricia will talk about who our souls really are in a multi-dimensional reality
The middle part of her book is called the "Landscapes of Heaven" and she examines the discoveries made by so many people who have had elaborate Near Death Experiences.
She'll discuss this and also talk about what our soul work is now about and how to best move forward.
Tune in for some very profound understandings about our soul journeys and why we're here now in this life.

How well do we get along with others?What are our social strategies for being successful in life? Who do we become when we need to bend when speaking to and relating to others? Barbara Berger is a personal boundary expert and will help us understand how to be true to ourselves in our own ways. Not everyone holds to the same boundaries and people might want you to accommodate their needs before your own.

We all want to get along and sometimes we have to make compromises that can come back to haunt us. We need to know ourselves and figure out how to interact in the most successful ways with all kinds of different people.
Barbara is the author of many books, the most recent one being "Find and Follow Your Inner Compass".
Tune into Energy Stew this Friday morning or listen to the archive and learn to live more strategically with others.
Barbara Berger is a great guide for self-discovery. Don't miss this opportunity to hear what she has to say.

So many people are devoted meditators. Are you? What does it take to live a meditative life? Maybe you can combine it with adventure and meditate in exotic locations. How about a cave in the Himalayas? Or maybe meditating among others turns your frequencies on the best. Ajayan Borys has taught thousands to meditate. What has he learned about our differences. How different are you?

I'm so glad to interview Ajayan again and speak with someone who understands our need to find a deeper, more peaceful state. He not only recognizes the desire to meditate successfully but he realizes the life that must go along with it.
What role does meditation play? Maybe a different role for everyone. Ajayan has developed profound understandings about life and realizes how unique each one of us is. He has great joy about him and brings that to his teachings and interviews.
Be sure to tune in to this insightful show. You can learn more about his book, "Whispers of the Himalaya". Also, visit his website at
is a profound meditator and has taught meditation most of his adult life. He thought there might be more to discover about its gifts and adventured into the Himalayas to find a cave and meditate for a number of months. He was able to have profound blissful experiences but that was only part of the teaching. The deeper he went, the more questions he discovered.
What's the real meaning of a meditative life? What was he really accomplishing? How does it really serve us? Maybe there are limits no matter how deep you go.
Tune in to learn some profound truths about following a spiritual path and becoming enlightened. How light does it get and how much can that light do for us?

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