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Have you ever thought about running off to the Himalayas for a meditative retreat in a cave? Ajayan Borys can tell you it's not so easy even if you're a fantastic meditator. His book, "Whispers of the Himalya" is an amazing adventure story of his struggle to discover profound realization. He really helps explain how meditation is only one aspect of finding a deeper purpose in life.

Ajayan is a profound meditator and has taught meditation most of his adult life. He thought there might be more to discover about its gifts and adventured into the Himalayas to find a cave and meditate for a number of months. He was able to have profound blissful experiences but that was only part of the teaching. The deeper he went, the more questions he discovered.
What's the real meaning of a meditative life? What was he really accomplishing? How does it really serve us? Maybe there are limits no matter how deep you go.
Tune in to learn some profound truths about following a spiritual path and becoming enlightened. How light does it get and how much can that light do for us?

Tricia McCannon is one of the deepest people I know. Her books are always major works of profound research and inspired thinking. Her new book, "The Angelic Origins of the Soul, Discovering Your Divine Purpose", is a wonder-ful opportunity to know so much more about ourselves. In this interview, she'll talk about the nature of our souls and how we fit into soul evolution.

Tricia will talk about the different stages of soul evolution and what our soul groups are up to. She'll examine who our souls really are and where they're from.
The middle part of her book is called the "Landscapes of Heaven" and she examines the discoveries made by so many people who have had elaborate Near Death Experiences.
She'll discuss this and also talk about what our soul work is now about and how to best move forward.
Tune in for some very profound understandings about our soul journeys and why we're here now in this life.

Steve Gottlieb is back and will talk about handling everyday life to uncover what is blocking us to live in full freedom. We all have past memories and conditioning that can inhibit us and limit our sense of health and well-being. We're just not in our full power. Many of us have unconscious scripts in action that block our full expression and experience of life. We're going to talk about these and how to uncover and resolve them with EFT. Be sure to listen in!

Steve Gottlieb, an expert EFT practitioner and I are going to talk about the ways in which we have scripted ourselves to live with limited unconscious programs that interfere with what we are seemingly expecting of life. We have so many goals but we also have conditioning that underlies and rejects our positive purposes.
It's really helpful to root out these programs and see what they're doing to us. This can be done using muscle testing to see what ideas you can hold or not. If your mind doesn't agree with your positive statements it will weaken you.
This is when the tapping and making affirmative statements at the same time can help erase the unconscious script.
Tune in to learn more about this wonderful process that can free you from your own limits.

We're in a new time of relating and more is expected of us to know each other differently. How much can we awaken to our soul interconnectedness? At what level of consciousness do we know ourselves together? Are we really moving from "Me" to "We"? This is a time when we can speak at deeper soul levels and are beginning to discard superficial relationships.

Patricia Albere's book, Evolutionary Relationships, speaks about finding that "We-Space" in our togetherness. It's no longer about "you and I" but ideally it's about "We", a deeper knowing of each other's souls in connection.
Tune in to hear Patricia explain this new time we are in that can bring us all so much more together.

Can you always be true to yourself or is your life about too many compromises? How do you find the path to own your whole life and find fulfillment? Of course we need to compromise and consider others so how do you make the best choices for yourself? Hear what Barbara has to say about how to live more authentically.

Life has become very confusing and we're bombarded by so much change. Truth has become harder to define in the outer world so the best place to be is in our own truth. Watching the choices you make is a good way to start but what are your choices really based on? It's really important to know what's best for you and that's an ongoing question.
Barbara Berger is a great guide to self-discovery. Be sure to tune in and hear the wonderful insights she can offer.

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