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Learn which cards Hillary and Donald are really playing with on Energy Stew radio

We're all born to play certain cards in the 52 card deck and they clearly denote our personalities and behaviors.
Our unique cards are based on our birth dates and are uncannily true about us.
The candidates' cards help us understand how they're living their lives and what we can expect from them. 

I'm interviewing Alexander Dunlop, an expert about this insightful system of playing cards. He's been on the show many times before and it's amazing how much we can learn about ourselves and others when we apply the cards we're born into.
He's going to give us a detailed analysis of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton so we can see the hands they are playing.  You'll learn so much about them and this will explain their idiosyncrasies.  

Human Design analysis of Trump and Clinton on Energy Stew radio
The Human Design System reveals the true nature of the personalities of the candidates.
Listen to this detailed analysis of their strengths and weaknesses that they were born to fulfill.
We're all living according to the designs we've been born into. No one escapes without some personality issues.  Of course this is true for both Trump and Clinton. 
Find out what makes them tick in this analysis of their charts.  They can't change who they are.
I'll be discussing their charts with ReGina Concotelli, a Human Design analyst as I am also.
Learn more about Human Design and/

Aromas can help us feel good and they have many healing properties. 

They can also help us clean up our past and relieve us of old traumas.
There's a new method in using these powerful essential oils which can help us live a lot happier.
I'm interviewing Dr. Benjamin Perkus, the author of "The Aroma Freedom Technique".  He'll let us know what it takes to neutralize many of our old emotional memories that plug is into inner struggle.
Be sure to tune in to this enlightening show to find help for yourself and others and realize a more comfortable life.

Exposing our shadows - Energy Stew interview about "Lucifer's Game" book

We're all living with our shadows and often trying to keep them far away.
This is a wonderful new novel by Will Schneider who creates a powerful antagonist named Lucifer who knows how to provoke and trigger what lurks within us.

Will Schneider has written a great adventure story, "Lucifer's Game", about a man who just shows up in front of the hero of the novel on a beach. He claims to be Lucifer and wants to prove his point.
The book is all about uncovering those dysfunctional parts of us we bury as much as we can.  Perhaps there's a benefit to being more in touch with them.

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