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Do you need to clear emotional clutter?
Can we really reboot ourselves and clear the baggage of adversity, insult, trauma and pain that many of us carry around in one form or another? 

Donald Altman's new book "Clearing Emotional Clutter" is a wonderful guide to managing our lives more intelligently.  He helps dissolve past issues and provides powerful mindfulness methods to live in more peace and fulfillment.
Tune into this important interview to learn how to live on top of your game.
Did Buddha actually say "Don't be a jerk"? Brad Warner is an important Zen Buddhist priest and author.  His latest book, "DON'T BE A JERK" offers incredible insights into Buddhist teaching. What constitutes being a jerk? How often does that apply to us? Maybe if we learned more about it, our lives would become more enlightened. Maybe the secret to enlightenment is to avoid jerkhood.  Brad has wonderful explanations of deep Buddhist truths so be sure to listen to this "enlightening" interview.
Are you aware of the "other side"? Have you ever communicated with spirits? What is life like when you're connected to other dimensions? 

Karen Frances is a gifted medium who talks frequently with folk on the "other side".  She grew up steeped in Celtic mysticism and the spiritual traditions of Ireland and as a child, communicated with spirits. She's an advocate of the ethical practice of mediumship, undergoing intensive training at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College and earning accreditation in mediumship, spiritual healing, and inspirational speaking by its governing body, the Spiritualist National Union.

It looks like everything is polluted. Even our atmosphere has been polluting pristine wildernesses or what's left of them. Our economy, politics, agriculture, medicine - there's no secure place to turn.
Can we even trust our minds in this frightening world?
What's left?
There is a place inside ourselves where we can experience our sacredness but not everyone can find it.
Once we understand our own sacredness, we can see it in everything and contribute to the betterment of life.
Evolution makes progress through truth, beauty and goodness and the more we can embrace it the more whole our future will be.
Listen to this very insightful interview with Richard and find out why the only real way to make progress is to be true to our soul and pursue its higher purpose.  Other than that, all our plans are just talk which is why progress is so hard to see.
Richard is also working with Michael Shewchuk who he met at the UN and Michael's organization, Human Evolutionary Change, is partnering with Richard to foster this important transformation.
Will Earth Acupuncture save us?

Our planet is being ruined by a reckless society. What can we do? Gail Rex is an acupuncturist and decided to perform Earth Acupuncture at the Indian Point Nuclear Plant to help the earth calm down as it sits on an earthquake fault. (Strange place to build a nuclear plant) Gail Rex has written the book, "Earth Acupuncture, Healing the Living Landscape". Listen to this important interview with Gail about her work on the land close to the Indian Point Power Plant and what it means to heal the earth. If there's an earthquake under this nuclear plant, it could send plumes of radiation in many directions including New York City.  The impact would be overwhelming. Perhaps the acupuncture Gail has done will calm this land enough so the earthquake faults will remain harmless. This kind of work can be done by others at other locations and maybe we can really make Mother Earth happy and have a much more peaceful planet to support us.

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