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On this show, I'm interviewing Tom about his new book, "Write/Right From God". He says it's the ultimate spiritual experience and a surefire route to a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment.
People work through resistance, fears, beliefs and painful memories that lead to breakthroughs.   Tom says that his authors have often cleared years of emotional and physical pain.
Be sure to tune into this show to find out what might flow through and out of you.  There might just be a book in you.

We all know about miracles but maybe we have to help them along.  Tobin Blake was called on when his daughter's boyfriend was given no chance to survive.

He began a journey that brought together all sorts of opportunities to change the outcome and has written an important book about the experience.

His book, "The Healing of Jordan Young, a 21st Century Spiritual Guide to Health and Healing" can give all of us hope.  Healing works on all levels of science and consciousness and they need to work together.

Be sure to tune in to learn how you can produce "miracles" for yourself and others.
Mas died twice, and especially the second time while on the other side, was given empowerments and taught deep truths about life.
It's wonderful to talk with him about life and how to live in more powerful frequencies that will open us to greater success.  In the interview, he sends healing frequencies out to all the listeners.
Some of the dynamic topics we spoke about were forgiveness and eating meat.  He'll surprise you with his answers.

He has amazingly profound understandings and it was a joy to talk with him.
Jamie's story is remarkable, fascinating and inspiring to learn of the many ways spirit can reconnect with loved ones.  You'll want to read her book, "Love Never Dies" just to assure yourself of the possibilities to stay connected with your loved ones for longer than life on this plane.

Jamie also has a worldwide following on her website and radio show AskDrLove and a more recent radio show, Love Never Dies.

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