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This is an opportunity to see how my intuition can be of help to you.  I'll spend a few minutes with each person and you'll be amazed at how much I can tell you about your situation in that short time.

I can answer questions about a lot of different things from family issues to health to work issues as so much of the information doesn't come from my own brain but rather from a higher consciousness.  

Many of you have been students or clients in the past so you already know how I work.  It's a half hour show and I'd love to hear from you.
If you want to check with me ahead of time about what to expect, you can email me at or call 212-222-7748.

I'm looking forward to speaking with some of you on the show.  
Human Design provides a new way to see ourselves and do a better job at being ourselves. Understanding the design chart of important people in our lives helps us appreciate their unique qualities better and also helps us be more understanding of their weaknesses (we all have them). 

We're each designed to have special gifts and different kinds of personality traits.  They can be extremely different from our own yet we try so hard to find agreement.

Again, I'm speaking with ReGina Concotelli, another Human Design analyst, as I am.  We'll look at the many ways Human Design reveals people so we can see how the traits can work in relationships.

Tune in to better understand your relationships.

Fear is such an easy tool to use.  Just scare people enough to motivate them and they'll become slaves to save themselves.

That might be true but it doesn't mean they'll do more than just try to hold onto their jobs.  Morale will take a beating and all kinds of business problems will result.

Neuroscience has identified the behaviors that best kindle success.  Tune into this show with one of the authors of "The Fear-Free Organization", Joan Kingsley, to find out how business environments can be transformed.
Few people think about what happened at home after Siddhartha left for a life to explore suffering and eventually come into realization.  His wife, Princess Yasodhara, had just given birth the day before and felt totally lost. 

Siddhartha's stepmother Pajapati (the sister of Siddhartha's birth mother who died in child birth) was there to build a support group.

This book, "The Buddha's Wife, The Path of Awakening Together" by Janet Surrey and her husband Samuel Shem, builds a rich story derived from the historical documents of the time. We're in a time now when our spiritual paths must join more together to evolve.  Princess Yasodhara also needed a spiritual community to hold her suffering rather than go off on a solo retreat as her husband did.

This is a wonderful book about rising above our suffering through listening, sharing and holding compassion together.  A spiritual community is very empowering and is the path to "awakening together".

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