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So many people confound science by having miracles that change their health and change their lives.  Bernie Siegel can explain this.
Dr. Bernie Siegel is probably the most advanced thinker in the field of medicine.  Not only has he brought a profound humanity to it, but he has enabled thousands of people around the world to create their own miracles.
In the new "A Book of Miracles" he offers many stories, from the thousands he receives, presented by people who have altered their paths of physical suffering.  He wants everyone to see that these are not just the "spontaneous remissions" that science calls them, but the result of a greater consciousness at work.
This interview and his book will be a great inspiration for those who are asking life to offer miracles.  There is really hope for us all.
Tune in to hear from a true genius who is changing the world.

Richard Rudd has brought his genius Gene Keys work to a higher level of accurately deciphering your life path.

The Human Design System has been an amazing tool to understand our life paths.  Then, Richard Rudd wrote the Gene Keys book which brought the underlying truths of Human Design to a higher spiritual level.
He's now created the Gene Keys Golden Path which shows us the mechanics of the unique journey we are all on.  It tells each of us what our work in life is and how we're to achieve it.  It shows what we attract to us and how to develop our purpose from that.
Listen to this amazing interview as Richard explains how this inspired system works.  You don't ever have to feel lost in life again.
Drinking structured water has tremendous benefits.  Now what about breathing structured air?

Structured water units can turn your drinking water into clean, non-toxic and available water that can permeate your cells much more rapidly and efficiently.  Learn more about them through a link at

It's really wonderful to become more hydrated and drink less.  The units also detoxify normally toxic drinks like diet coke and alcohol.  You can drink alcohol and not get a hangover.
So instead of pouring liquids through the units what happens when  you breathe through them?  This interview will address this exciting opportunity.


Mary O'Malley has written a wonderful book, "What's In the Way IS the Way", which can help us all live in more peace with our unique struggles.

How much are we resisting and trying to change about life?  What does it take out of us to do this? Are we truly living in our joy?

This is a wonderful interview to help us see through the clouds we've created around us and get to deeply see and smell the flowers.

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