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So many loved the first interview with her.

Francine Vale is working with an unusual consciousness and it's wonderful to share the mike with her.  She has a deep connection to the spiritual world and holds a great deal of wisdom that we can all appreciate.
Here's what I had to say about her previous interview.
Francine Vale hasn't had it easy in life but spirit led the way.  Many times, spiritual masters showed up to help her see life from different vantage points and appreciate herself and others beyond earthly reality.
Past lives were revealed to her and she was able to understand and experience her deepest spiritual nature.  I was totally fascinated by her book "Song of the Heart, Walking the Path of Light " and was so happy to journey through her other-worldly adventures and understand their teaching.
This interview with Francine will be a wonderful opportunity to hear about the possibility for all of us to interact with and be blessed by other-dimensional beings.  She'll also share the wisdom she acquired in her unusual life.
As an intuitive, I regularly connect with them but they haven't shown up visually to sit down with me as they have with Francine.  Be sure to tune in!

Is oneness only about yourself?

Perhaps we need to move beyond our own spiritual practices and into a new form of raising our frequencies.  We live in a social universe and maybe that's the key to enlightenment.  Our relationships with others can be the way to heighten spiritual energy.  
I'm interviewing Jeff Carreira from the Evolutionary Collective and the author with Patricia Albere of the book "Mutual Awakening".  They are leading a movement of spiritual practice where one works with another to create a new space of awareness and transformation.
It's not about going deeper into another person's energy and consciousness but rather it's about sharing mutual space and working together to find new synergy that expands the consciousness of each person.
Tune into the show to learn about the processes and programs of Mutual Awakening.
This interview was pre-recorded before the recent suicide of Robin Williams so we aren't addressing his plight or the nature of suicide.  Many people think it's always a ticket to be reborn into a similar struggle. That might not always be so as we can be overcome by chemical imbalances that override our clear choices and we might have done so much good in the world that we can be more easily forgiven.
Roberta Grimes has long studied and been directly involved with the death process and the afterlife. She believes that soon before we die, when it's been a deterioration, that we can be given light-filled moments to lift our spirits and also be visited by loved ones who help us prepare to go and move on.
Roberta has written a number of books and is promoting her new one with a challenging title, "The Fun of Dying".  Wouldn't we all love that!  Tune in to find out how we can make that more of a reality.

Do we overreact to media induced fears that reduce our humanity?

To create a new world of responsibility and enlightenment, we need to change the way we respond to trouble in the world.  So much good is happening around us, yet we are mostly exposed to the dark side.
We are provoked by the news and TV shows to believe that crime and terrorism is rampant.  To quell our fears, we have allowed the proliferation of bigger and harsher prisons and have developed what is expressed in the legal field as a "punishment regime".  It's time for a profound change.
In order to understand this subject better, I'm interviewing Robert Ferguson, an esteemed law professor and the author of "Inferno, an Anatomy of American Punishment".
He will explain how we created an overwhelming prison population where life is way below the standards any of us can imagine.  We're sacrificing millions to this "punishment regime" which affects all of our lives with a burden that adds more to our fears of vulnerability and contamination.
Society can no longer "throw away the key" and we must bring humanity back from these gulags that have been ignored for so long.  An enlightened society learns how to respect those who need support from previous mistakes yet knows how to judge those who are harder to rehabilitate and find new ways to help people we've given up on.

Our bodies are factories designed for spiritual access.

The way we connect to the spiritual universe for most of us is a complete unknown.  It seems like we just put our minds to it and hope for the best.  We don't realize our bodies are not entirely separated from the energies and consciousness of other-dimensionality.
My guest, Joan Cerio, has written the book "Hardwired to Heaven, Download Your Divinity Through Your Heart and Create Your Deepest Desires".  She analyzes the structure of our physical hearts and sees how they connect to other body parts via blood frequencies and together they become our spiritual factory.
Ancient symbols and artwork reflect this understanding so the information is not entirely new. Be sure to tune in and learn more about how to use your own spiritual factory.

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