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How does spirit reveal itself to you?

Francine Vale hasn't had it easy in life but spirit led the way.  Many times, spiritual masters showed up to help her see life from different vantage points and appreciate herself and others beyond earthly reality.
Past lives were revealed to her and she was able to understand and experience her deepest spiritual nature.  I was totally fascinated by her book "Song of the Heart, Walking the Path of Light " and was so happy to journey through her other-worldly adventures and understand their teaching.
This interview with Francine will be a wonderful opportunity to hear about the possibility for all of us to interact with and be blessed by other-dimensional beings.  She'll also share the wisdom she acquired in her unusual life.
As an intuitive, I regularly connect with them but they haven't shown up visually to sit down with me as they have with Francine.  Be sure to tune in!

7 gates of power can actualize your true self.

I'm interviewing Nomi Bachar, the author of "Gates of Power".  To create wholesomeness in our lives we need to utilize 7 different aspects of ourselves.  Nomi has created unique knowledge and processes of these for empowerment.
Tune into this insightful show and get better acquainted with your parts that you don't pay enough attention to.

We're all born into a unique template that holds the personality traits for our lives.  It's genetic and revealed by the Human Design System which works with the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I'Ching.  The way these are individually set for us reflects the 64 codons of the genetic code.
There are profound truths in our designs that show our purpose in life and the strengths and weaknesses we must work with.  Knowing these helps create effective strategies rather than bumping around trying to understand ourselves.
I'm interviewing ReGina Concotelli, a fellow Human Design analyst as I am and we'll talk about what this system can do for people.  It's an opportunity to be able to live life much more effectively.
You can get a free Human Design chart for yourself based on your birth date, time and place.  To do this, email either or

We don't usually know how the magic in our lives is unfolding until later.

I'm interviewing Niki Norlock, the author of "Truth, My Synchromystic Journey".  It's really helpful to see how she has lived in her instincts and entered into very risky adventures.  Not all worked out and many were very painful yet they led her to wonderful opportunities that would not have come otherwise.
We all think we could make better choices because life is so bumpy.  Our world is very confusing and maybe we can become more aware of the synchronicities that show up and let the magic help the pieces fall into place in a better way for us.
There are many mysterious ways that spirit is revealed in life so let's pay more attention and live more synchromystically.

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