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Are you on a hero's journey?  I bet you are!!  Life's tough and it takes a hero to travel through it.  This week, I'm interviewing David Howitt, the author of "Heed Your Call" to talk about the obstacles and empowerments that can make your journey more successful.
There are certain stages that all heroes go through and David's book examines each of them.  You'll find this show very helpful in traversing what ever course you're heeding.  Be sure to tune in.

Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing is a school that I founded in 1997 and I've also been working as a professional intuitive healer/counselor since well before then.  Lisa Denton has taught at the school for many years and is a gifted clairvoyant and healer/counselor.  She also has the clairaudient skills that I have.
So many people don't really understand the opportunities intuition can bring into their lives. Lisa and I use intuitive hearing and seeing to know things that we don't expect.  We hold no pre-conceptions about what we expect to receive from higher consciousness so our information can be as objective as possible.
We are both very well versed in physiology and nutrition yet work with the energy patterns that appear in the body to give people information they need to know.  We also intuitively look for the psychological sources of many problems to understand how they came about and thus we can more easily help solve them.
Tune in to this conversation about the power of intuition and what it can do.
The show is now airing at a new day and time, Friday at 11:30 AM NY time. 

Chris Grosso didn't fit into any of the popular spirituality lifestyles and programs.  He was barely making his way through many years of drug and alcohol addiction so this non-standard guy had to find his own way out(er).  His punk/rock demeanor didn't hack it in new age circles.
He had to find his own deep truths and in doing so has become a wonderful messenger of spirit.  His new book "Indie Spiritualist" is about the profound journey to discover the larger heart he couldn't find very easily in himself.
Tune into my interview with Chris and get a glimpse of the stories and realizations about his life and in his book.
The show is now airing at a new day and time, Friday at 11:30 AM NY time. 

What if you can truly create inner peace?

This week the show will begin airing at a new day and time, Friday at 11:30 AM NY time.  There is more traffic at the station at this time so we'll have even more listeners.
My show this week is about creating stillness and the opportunities of transformation it offers.  Our psyches can then live in the higher frequencies of the Universe to be better guided by a greater consciousness.
I'm interviewing Marlise Karlin who has traveled around the world changing peoples lives by introducing them to the Simplicity of Stillness Method.  She is also the author of the book, "The Power of Peace in You".
Tune in and find out how powerful you can become by enhancing your vibrations.

I was watching a film called "Finding Happiness" that was about the founding community in California of the worldwide Ananda Sangha, a spiritual organization based on the earlier teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and his book "The Autobiography of a Yogi".

I wasn't convinced of the genuine nature of the film in depicting a harmonious community and decided to interview 2 of the founders. Due to so much conflict in the world at this point and my thinking that ashrams are often hornets nests behind the scenes I thought I'd question these 2 founders and now chief directors, Jyotish and Devi (husband and wife) about my misgivings.

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