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It makes sense that the more creative we are in life the more successful we can become.  Resourcefulness might be a more understandable word about managing life's twists and turns.  What are the keys to this and how can we do it better?

Eric Maisel's newest book, "Making Your Creative Mark" examines 9 keys for achievement that we should all look closely at.  He offers wonderful advice to managing them.  A quick overview of them will give you an idea; mind, confidence, passion, freedom, stress, empathy, relationships, identity and society.  His treatment of each can really help us see the roles they play in our ability to powerfully move forward.

Are we paying enough attention to what our bodies are telling us?  What can our bodies tell us about our psyche?  David Bedrick is teaching a workshop on identifying different ailments with different psychosomatic conditions.  He was a recent guest on Energy Stew to talk about his book "Talking Back to Dr. Phil" and he's a Jungian psychologist.  In this interview, he'll talk about our body parts and their relationship to our emotions.  Be sure to tune in and learn more how you can understand yourself better through the language of your body.

Do you need to sooth your soul?  Sometimes we need a quick fix and now we can learn from a book full of mini-meditations.  How about 20 seconds or even 2 minutes?  I'm interviewing Cindy Griffith-Bennett the author of "Soul Soothers" who has compiled a large amount of special meditations to quickly quiet us down and help us get centered.

Being intuitive is a great responsibility both within and without.  We first need to trust the information and then learn how to communicate it understandably and valuably.   My guest, Sue Frederick has learned to do that and helps people find their way both through intuition and numerology.  (You might also be interested in my previous shows with Alexander Dunlop about using playing cards for self-knowledge.)  Sue has written two books that includes showing people how to find their own way with numbers "I See Your Dream Job" and "I See Your Soul Mate".  Join Sue and I for a discussion on working with these Universal tools.

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