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We're all managing life's challenges and resilience is perhaps the greatest strength we can draw from.  Developing skills for resilience is vital to our survival.  My guest, Linda Graham, has written the book "Bouncing Back, Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being".  Be sure to tune into this interview and see how you can do a better job getting through hard times.

The International Kabbalah Center is often identified as the spiritual arm of Judaism and is perhaps the best known offering of Kabbalah teaching to the general public.
The Kabbalah itself is thousands of years old and best known through the Zohar.  The work of Isaac Luria, from the sixteenth century, is also a foundation of modern kabbalah teaching.
I'm interviewing Karen Berg, the co-founder and co-director of the center.  We'll be discussing her new book, be continued..., reincarnation and the purpose of our lives.
I think you'll be fascinated by the teachings of the center which are based on the writings of the originators of Kabbalah hundreds of years ago.  The idea of reincarnation isn't currently very popular among organized religions.

Eating well to take care of our health has gotten very complicated as it's hard to trust so many foods in the marketplace these days.  We're also bombarded with the greatest new nutraceuticals that we "shouldn't do without".  How can we make the smartest choices?

I'm interviewing Roland Thomas, a naturapathic doctor who runs the blog Quantum Leap Wellness and is the owner of  We'll be talking about superfoods and the ability to get a complex spectrum of nutrients from particular live foods.

Let's take the mystery out of it all and this show will help you simplify and clarify.

We've all loved "The Wizard of Oz" and so many of us remember its great story and characters.  Now, Jean Houston, the renowned philosopher and visionary thinker, has written a new book, "The Wizard of Us", that analyzes the story in relation to our personal journeys.  She's a powerful writer and the book is an opportunity to be inspired by all the characters of the Oz story.

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