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Do you have access to your Supermind?  Dr. Maurie Pressman is a highly esteemed psychiatrist who has written the book, "Living in Your Supermind, From Personal Mind to Spiritual Mind".  The Supermind is our window to higher consciousness and greater awareness.  Many people think those of us who live that way are out of our minds.  That's true, but it doesn't mean we are delusional.  Here's an important psychiatrist extolling these abilities and showing how important they are to create greater knowing.

You'll appreciate the ways he's come to know the Supermind and his recommendations for achieving it.

If we only had more power tools for our lives, we could be so much more effective.  Now a book has been written, "Power Tools, the Ultimate Owner's Manual for Personal Empowerment".  This interview with the author, Jean Adrienne, will explain how we can put these tools into effect to help our lives work better.  Be sure to join us for a very empowering show.

How do we really know the dead are right on the other side and staying alive?  So many people want to believe in life after death but doubt its existence.  Perhaps the best way, short of visiting them is for them to visit us and especially through someone who can have conversations with them.  Concetta Bertoldi is that kind of person and people flock to her to hear from departed love ones.

She's my guest in this interview to talk about her new book, "Inside the Other Side".  You can learn so much more about contact with the dead and what they have to tell us when you tune in to this show.

Energy Stew radio interview with Julia Assante

There is so much fear about death.  Many of us treasure life and will hate to leave it but death itself is not a problem.  To most of the world, death is a horrible end and is considered the worst of punishments.  Maybe we can learn more about death from the millions who have either had near death experiences and have temporarily experienced the other side or those who have been contacted in some form by friends and family who have died.
There are also many of us who can receive messages from the dead and some who do it every day for others.  One of them is Julia Assante who has written the book, "The Last Frontier, Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death".  Julia is my guest for this show and has so much to say about life on the other side.
Perhaps to lead a more stress free life, we need to embrace a zen philosophy.  Yet this might mean we have to be less ambitious and live more in the now with fewer expectations.  To dispell this idea, I'm interviewing Marc Lesser, the author of "Know Yourself, Forget Yourself".  Marc is a zen buddhist priest who is also an executive coach.  He has accomplished much in his life and still embodies the key elements of zen.  He and his book have wonderful messages about living more effectively and happily.
Tune in to learn how to embrace life with more zest and success.

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