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Some of us live with skills and knowledge separate from the mainstream.  It's not easy to speak from our experiences and truths when there are so many disbelievers.
Marc Brinkerhoff has had experiences with extraterrestrials since he was a child and they are still a big part of his life.  People like him have been examined by teams of psychologists and psychiatrists and found to be normal.  Maybe we should listen.
There are thousands of people now who live in acknowledged extraterrestrial relationships.  Most of them are super intelligent children who claim they regularly visit their ET families on their spaceships.
Marc will talk about life with his ET friends and what they are like.  They are here for important reasons and we hope they will help us and our planet evolve toward our dreams.
Tune in to this fascinating interview.  Maybe you'll be better prepared when the ETs visit you.

How do we love better? This is Valentine's Day week ahead and love is in the air.  What are the barriers to loving relationships?  How do we enhance our love power?

I'm again interviewing Nomi Bachar, the developer of the program "7 Gates of Power".  We'll be speaking about the ways we hold love and the ways we get in the way of it.

Be sure to tune in and hear great insights into the mechanics and strategies of love.

The Bhagavad Gita is thousands of years old, yet its spiritual content holds so many of the truths of our spiritual journeys today.  A current translation of it is so powerful that just reading it will invoke deep and profound experiences of our universality.  I'm interviewing Jack Hawley, the author of "The Bhagavad Gita, A Walkthrough for Westerners".  We'll be talking about how powerful this book is and so inspirational in our everyday lives.

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