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Falling short of your goals

Living for our goals can often undermine the process to achieve them.  Thomas Sterner has authored the book "The Practicing Mind" about how to better appreciate the process and love the means to the the end.  Do we keep our eye on the ball or where the ball lands?  His book and this interview have a lot to say about how we think and act when working towards our achievements.  These will help you appreciate your process better and enjoy the ride.

Andrew Cohen of Enlightennext talks about love

Andrew Cohen is a teacher/philosopher who is the founder and leader of Enlightennext and has authored many books, the most recent being "Evolutionary Enlightenment". In this interview, he discusses the meaning of love and its importance in our lives and evolution. There are many different uses and understandings of the word love and this interchange will look at important ways that we are empowered by it.

A new discovery - double-helix structure of water

It's wonderful to find new technologies that can add more health and quality to our lives.  Dr. Shui-yin Lo, a particle physicist discovered a new double-helix structure of water made of stable water clusters.  He says it was literally like finding a needle in a haystack.  He learned how to make more of them through water tension and now they are available to help us all.  They seem to enhance the electricity of the body and allow it to use more of its natural intelligence.  My interview with him will certainly add to your life opportunities.

Human Design of the Republican candidates

We are all born to be who we become.  Even with strong conditioning, we live out the designs we come in with.  Our vulnerabilities to conditioning are based on our natal mechanics.   We all manage our struggles differently depending on our personalities.  The Human Design System is a wonderful map of our nature.  We can learn so much about ourselves and each other by knowing these designs.  In this show, I talk with ReGina Concotelli about the power of this knowledge in our lives and we also take a good look at the designs of the Republican candidates.  You won't want to miss this opportunity to see why they behave the way they do.  Be sure to tune in to either the live show or the archive.

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