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Working with our passion in life creates a more successful future.  The big question might be to identify that passion.  Anthony Silard, my guest, has written a new book "The Connection" about linking our feelings to our purpose.  You'll want to hear this interview about his methods and insights that can make our lives much more powerful.

Energy Stew


How do we know we have other lifetimes?  There are many reasons to believe in them but maybe we need to die to be certain.  Ptolemy Tompkins has written the book "The Modern Book of the Dead" that looks at all the reasons to believe.  It's not a new concept and Ptolemy presents much historical as well as present experiences that so many have had to experience other dimensions of life.  This is a discussion you won't want to miss.

Pamala Oslie has written a book entitled "Life Colors".  You can test yourself through a questionnaire in the book to ascertain what the dominant colors of your personality are.  She goes in to great detail about each of the 14 colors.  It's a great opportunity to know more about yourself.  Be sure to listen in.

We live in a life and world of cycles.  These are the patterns that can predict our future.  Scientists have studied these cycles and can explain our history through them.  There is no reason they will stop as we move forward.  Of course, evolution changes their nature.  I'm interviewing Ray Tomes, from the Cycles Research Institute and David Katzmire, the founder of Kalarhythms. You don't want to miss this fascinating interview.

Energy Stew
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