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It's amazing to come across a new, simple system that can easily help us know more about ourselves.  "The Code" is a number system using your birth date to know your personality and more.  It is not numerology!  This is actually from an ancient system in Europe and has been brought here by Thomas Poppe and his wife Johanna Paungger who have a new book called "The Code".  Their books in Europe have sold over 14 million copies yet they are new here.  You'll want to hear about this system if you want to learn more about yourself and others.  Listen in to the show.

We are in the emergence of evolution and Andrew Cohen has written a wonderful new book "Evolutionary Enlightenment" examining our purpose in its unfolding.  He talks about the imperative we find within ourselves to change the world from a new vantage point of consciousness.  This is an important interview that will help you know more about new opportunity.  Be sure to tune in.

I'm interviewing the producer of a new UFO film "The Hidden Hand" and you can see a free showing of it this Friday night Oct. 21, at 310 E. 67 Street, NYC at 7 PM.

My guests are James Carman, the producer and Alan Steinfeld of who have come to talk about UFO's and what the phenomenon can mean to us in the future.  Very few people can deny their existence and many don't want to talk or hear about them as it can be unsettling to imagine what they can mean and the mainstream media hasn't touched the subject. There certainly are a lot of movies and shows with alien drama.  Be sure to tune in if you want to hear more about this subject matter.

Some of us live and work in spiritual realms on a daily basis.  It's quite amazing to be ever presently conscious of multi-dimensionality.  Yet, we all have very different experiences of these other worlds.  I was introduced to Deidre Hade who has a large spiritual practice and following and we agreed to talk about living and working in this alternate reality.  You'll be interested in the different understandings and information that our spiritual awarenesses can offer.  It might give you more perspective on your own spiritual path.  Be sure to tune in.

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