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Laura B. Fortgang is the bestselling author of "Now What?" and has a new book "The Prosperity Plan". She has found a way to explain a workable context for life that gets people going. Her book draws out the elements needed to actually create a life of prosperity. This is one interview that can change your life. It's not about hope or luck but about transforming yourself to become a power source. Tune in for a wonderful opportunity.

Eric Maisel has written another very helpful book and this one is about anxiety. My interview with him is an opportunity to look at how we deal with anxiety and to find new solutions. The book examines every type of anxiety in our lives so I'm sure you won't feel left out. Join us for this show.

An unusual number of children have been born in the last decade who have extraordinary abilities. Many of them find it hard to be part of normal life. Mary Rodwell has been working with great numbers of them and has dedicated her life to their cause. In my interview with her, she'll talk about who they think they are and the unique abilities they hold. They often believe they are not of this planet. Some even speak in languages that are unknown here and use written language that hasn't been seen before. This is an important show to learn about these children and to understand that so many need help in dealing with misunderstandings about them and their trouble fitting in. The general public, families and schools are confused when they hear their stories about who they say they are.

If you want a clear message of your destiny in life, you don't have to go any farther than your fingertips. Ronelle Coburn is my guest who is an expert at analyzing the dynamic information written into your fingertips/prints. Her book "Destiny at Your Fingertips" offers wonderful information to learn about your destiny. You'll enjoy the information she shares on this show about how the system works.

Matthew Fox teaches the esoteric nature of religion through mystical experiences. He was originally a Dominican Priest who became ex-communicated by the Pope. His 28th book, "Christian Mystics" is the subject of my interview with him although the discussion covers a lot of mystical territory. Matt is a renowned speaker and you'll certainly appreciate how he presents his deep understanding of spiritual life. You'll be very inspired by this show.

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