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We all hope things get better this new year. The scientists who work with cycles have an insight into the energies that control the flow. Cycles offer a valuable perspective on periodicity that allow us to predict a lot about the future by seeing the patterns that we are in. My interview is with David Katzmire, of, and he understands the nature of these cycles. Be sure to tune in and learn a lot about what to expect this coming year.

This is a show about GODDESSES and it's great to have an interview with two divinely feminine women. Julie Loar is the author of Goddesses for Every Day. To assist in the interview with her is my wife Deborah Roth, the author of Circle of One, a book to empower women.

Raw food has become quite trendy and not everyone believes it's the answer. This interview with Rod Rotondi, a successful raw food restauranteur and author of "Raw Food for Real People" should help move the discussion along. Be sure to tune in.

Alan Sasha Lithman has written "An Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millennium - A Primer for the Mutation of Consciousness". this is a beautifully written book that can work as guide as we move our consciousness forward. It offers us a plan as how changes will come about and what we need to do to create a better society. I'm fascinated by his eloquence, detail and far-reaching concepts. You'll get a lot out of this interview. Be sure to tune in.

Bruce Lipton, "Spontaneous Evolution

The biologist Bruce Lipton wrote the popular book "Biology of Belief" about the dominance of consciousness in the evolution of the Universe. His new book, "Spontaneous Evolution" talks about how we might be able to do a better job at this point of decadence in our society. What will it take to move us into a better time? I think you'll be surprised at his answers. Be sure to tune in.

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