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The Zen of Sinful Sex

Brad Warner has been a Zen Buddhist teacher for 20 years and has written a number of books on the subject. His latest is called "Sex, Sin and Zen" and explores some hot sexual themes. There are chapters on pornography, strippers, sadomasochism etc. This interview may clear up a lot of misunderstandings about sexuality and its value in our lives. It's not a show to miss.

Do You Still Believe In UFO's?

Have you seen a UFO and is that what it will take to convince you? Enough people have seen them and enough experts have testified that they exist, so let's move on about that.

To take us to the next level about what their existence means, I'm interviewing Richard Dolan, one of the leading authors and speakers about this phenomenon. Listen in to find out the latest understandings and expectations for us about them. Some countries have recently opened their secret files and there's momentum to get the U.S. to do the same. You'll be fascinated by this show.

October 7, 2010


The Mindfulness Code

We can all do a better job of taking care of ourselves and that means to be more mindful of our bodies, minds and spirit. Donald Altman has written a wonderful book "The Mindfulness Code" that can guide us to pay more attention to our Selves. This interview covers many different understandings of being successfully mindful. It's a book I had great pleasure reading.

The Secret History Of Consciousness

Dr. Meg Losey is the fascinating author of "The Secret History of Consciousness". She covers the advanced knowledge and tools of ancient civilizations and includes vibratory geometries that affect our energy. She brings us right through to the present and how we're to manage our current unfolding. This interview can both intrigue and satisfy you with Meg's deep mystical awareness and logical realizations.

It's one thing to have an opinion about our spirits and souls but it's another to have a first hand experience.

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