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Be Set Free Fast Healing Technique

Barry Gordon is a teacher of Be Set Free Fast which is a powerful opportunity to shift, balance and eliminate bothersome personal issues. (It's not another tapping technique.) I've used it an am sold about its effectiveness. You'll be glad you've learned about it. Be sure to tune in to this interview.

The Silver Lining To Health

I think most of us are looking for an opportunity to assure us of better health. I'm interviewing Robert Scott Bell, an expert about the use and effectiveness of silver hydrosol. Few people realize how powerful this substance is to help fix many things in our system including neutralizing viruses and bacteria. It also goes after the underlying causes of autoimmune dieseases. Everyone should have a bottle of silver hydrosol in their house and they are often sold in our neighborhood health food stores. It's not the colloidal silver that some of us are familiar with. This is a more advanced form of silver.

Energy Stew
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