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Do you follow your inner compass? Energy Stew interview with Barbara Berger
Maybe you can make all the right decisions. What if you have a compass you really haven't learned how to use properly yet?
has written a wonderful guidebook to "Find and Follow Your Inner Compass". She helps you understand what your choices are actually based on and how to know the correct direction to move forward.
Life is a lot easier when there's much less confusion and you can more confidence in yourself.
Tune into Energy Stew to hear her great wisdom about following what's true for you.


Who is in your dreamlife? Why are they? -  Energy Stew interview with Edward Bruce Bynum
Our dreams are windows to our subconscious and reveal the deep patterns in our lives. Often, those we dream about are family members and our other most significant relationships. Many times, those same people are dreaming about us.
There are times of mutual dreaming as these people are in many of the same patterns we are in. Edward Bruce Bynum has written the book, "The Dreamlife of Families, The Psychospiritual Connection".  He examines the workings of our deepest consciousness to understand these patterns to help us know ourselves and each other better.
Tune into this insightful interview to learn more about your own psychospirituality.

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