It's hard to believe that thousands of years ago women were a powerful influence and much of the world was at peace.  What changed and how can we get it back?

Archeologists have recognized that there was a long period when civilizations didn't need to be armed and fortresses weren't built.  Women were queens and shared their power peacefully with men.  People actually cooperated with each other.

Then, the astrological age of Aries came upon us and the northern, male dominant tribes invaded the quiet world and and felt they had to destroy any vestige of female power.  Respect for women disappeared and they have only recently been regaining their strength in some important parts of the world.

Men have shown their inability to rule in peace and respect, not only for women, but for all the Earth, and the world around us is imploding.

It's time for the Divine Feminine to return to power and help create a more peaceful and progressive world.

Tricia McCannon has written a very important book, "Return of the Divine Sophia".  It's a heavily researched book about the history of women on this planet and how they've been treated in society and by religions.

This interview will be valuable to understand the story of feminine history and what we need to know in order to bring back the balance of energy to our planet.

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