Dreams can warn us of serious health issues and, in fact, have saved many lives. Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos and Dr. Larry Burk have worked together to research and compile hundreds of examples of women who have had dreams that showed they had breast cancer. In most cases, they had no idea about their problem and often doctors discounted their dreams when they couldn't find obvious signs of the cancer. The dreams wouldn't stop coming and so many women had to insist on more testing which proved positive.

Their book, "Dreams That Can Save Your Life", is a great opportunity to learn how to identify these dreams which may also be for many other health issues. It's amazing how helpful our subconscious tries to be as it knows so much more than our conscious minds. Of course, it'll often speak to us in metaphors so we should be alert although these kinds of dreams are designed to be remembered. They might have to repeat themselves to get your attention so don't worry that you'd miss them. Tune into this very insightful show with Kat about the power of our inner lives and how we're guided by the great force of our soul.

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