The world of science knows very little about the structure and molecular behavior of water although its movement is well understood. There is new science that has discovered that segments of water in natural environments are structured in a very organized manner and have special properties. 
This structure can be made available in our daily use of water to take advantage of its value to us. The organization allows it to enter our cells much more efficiently so we need less of it for our health. It also neutralizes toxins so we can be much safer drinking water straight from the tap. Any beverage you treat to be more structured will be safer and have much improved taste.

 Showering in this structured water has cleared up many skin conditions and as the body soaks in the water, a ten minute shower will add the equivalent of 7 cups of water (not in gross volume but in availability to cells). Use this LINK to get a free ebook about this type of water.

  You can go to this LINK to get a free ebook about the nature of this water.

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