Near Death Experiences have become quite numerous mostly due to science being able to bring us back from them more readily nowadays. They can even put us into them more confidently with sophisticated medical procedures. Thousands of people have described their experiences and there are a lot of common themes. One of them is the opportunity to have a detailed life review. It's more than just looking at times in our past. We can actually choose to climb into the experiences both from our own vantage point and into the experiences other people were having with us. These NDEs can really give us more perspective about our behavior in the past and realizations about how to improve ourselves. David Sunfellow, the author of "The Purpose of Life", has made a deep study of these "other side" journeys that so many people have had.

If it hasn't happened to you yet, it still could and this will not only help you be prepared but you'll know what to look for. It's even helpful to hear about this to know what happens at the end of our lives. The other side has so much to look forward to including experiencing powerful, loving light.
David Sunfellow has a lot to share with us about his long study of these special experiences that many more people have had than we're familiar with. It really helps to know this information in order to pursue our soul purpose more intently.

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