How much are you able to control your life? Do you ever stop trying? Maybe it's a hopeless battle as life seems to take its own course. Then again, we're here to fulfill some purpose so how can we be assured we'll accomplish our goals? We need to make our choices and get life to bend to our needs. How powerful are we? Jacob Israel Liberman, the author of "Luminous Life, How the Science of Life Unlocks the Art of Living", is back and we're going to talk about the level of control we can have in our lives.

In his work with vision and light, Jacob has discovered underlying truths of how our brains and consciousness process information. He has also looked at how our lives are understood from the vantage point of the control our egos want us to have with the information we receive.
So who's really in charge? Is it our egos? Maybe the ego just represents a part of us that has to live out certain challenges and creates them. So maybe the ego represents a higher order in ourselves that needs to grow through all the opinions and fears we need for our lives.
Tune in to follow this journey into the deeper aspects of our minds and souls.

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