Randy Kritkausky knew he had some Native American ancestry but for most of his life, it was in the background. At one point, his ancestors started calling on him through the insistent presence of coywolves. They were also a mixed breed as he was. He took strong note and began a journey to learn more about his native family. It was a great awakening and he understood his new calling. This resulted in his book, "Without Reservation, Awakening to Native American Spirituality and the Ways of Our Ancestors". The presence of Native Americans is growing in today's society as they have much to offer us. Randy looks at his and their long history and sees how we need to reframe their image and also that of Native Americans who have their genes but aren't full blooded. It's a very large population that can help bring us more into their gifts and potentials to create a better world.

There are so many people here with Native American genes as well as other genes and might not realize the ancestors are calling on them as well. Randy Kritkausky discovered the value of his genes when he started researching his ancestors and wanted to honor their heritage. He realized so many of their struggles and how they are playing out now among all Native Americans to create an awakening. His book, Without Reservation, has wonderful chapters about how and why their history is so poorly understood and what we all can gain from knowing what they can offer us. Don't miss this opportunity to hear Randy talk about his heritage and the amazing journey he's been on to bring us to this light.

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