We are all born to personality templates that are different than anyone else. They define with way we think and act and reveal the language of ourselves we automatically live by. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have very strong charts and we'll discuss what they tell us about their personalities. They have very important traits that relate to having power and you'll want to understand them to see how they'll function if elected. I'll be analyzing them with fellow analyst Nattalee Lillico who also recorded a chart reading with me of Donald Trump in 2016. Here's the link to it LINK and the main part about him starts from 5 and goes to 17 minutes into the recording. The rest is about Hillary. You'll be surprised at what these charts have to say and what you should know about these people and our futures.

This is an opportunity to look deeper into the personalities of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Their Human Design charts reveal very important information about their deeper natures and what runs them.
You won't want to miss hearing information you won't find anywhere else. It'll also all make sense to you.

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