Believing we have past lives is the first step.  Finding the stories of them is the next.  For most people, hypnotic regression might be the most direct first-person way to go. Hundreds of thousands of people, or more, have had these experiences and the revelations are life changing.  What we learn and how this changes our lives is the subject of this interview.  I'm interviewing Georgina Cannon, the author of "Return Again".  We'll talk about how the meaning of these life reviews can help us get through this current life in better shape. I've had my own direct experience of past lives and I'll be teaching a class later this Fall where I'll use my intuition to identify the past lives of students in attendance.  I've led many of these classes and the students have felt very enhanced by the new information they receive.  The stories I can tell them generally apply to the issues they are currently facing without my direct awareness of what meaning they have.  I can see the lifetimes and the students can understand why they are applicable. Anyway, tune in to the show to hear what Georgina's many experiences as a hypnotic regression therapist have shown her.

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