Emotional Freedom Technique can do so many things for you. It relieves fears, pains and anger. It can help you sleep better. It can heal. The results are simply amazing. Steve Gottlieb is back and will give us some advanced techniques to make EFT work even better. The show will be a great gift for your well-being. Listen in!n this time of on-going crisis, It's helpful to add more tools for our daily comforts and to help life work so much better when we can find some peace of mind. This is something that can change the energy in your mind and body and create relief. It's been around for many years and many of you know of it. Steve Gottlieb specializes in EFT and has developed a deeper knowledge of how it can work better. In this show, he'll describe ways to use it that make it even more effective. It's not a show to miss. 

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