Why has humanity been so inhumane? - Energy Stew interview with Michael Tellinger
Michael Tellinger has a lot to tell us. He's dedicated to the ancient history of South Africa and the information stored in the also ancient Sumerian tablets. These tablets and the innumerable stone temples still standing in South Africa reveal information that changes what we know about history.
You'll see in the photo at the right a footprint that a normal human didn't make. Michael talks about visitors who played a dominant role in humanity's unfolding and influenced our heredity.
He believes, according to the records, that our genes were manipulated to help these visitors fulfill their mission here. His book, "Slave Species of the Gods", explains it all. There were hundreds of thousands of Sumerian tablets that detailed that history with information depicting very advanced technology.
This is all way beyond anything we've been led to believe in all our lives and many people have no room to change their minds. For some of us though, it makes a lot of sense and we can embrace it. 
This interview will give you a chance to decide for yourself and see if you can change your mind about our origins and who we really are. 
It makes sense that humankind should be a nicer species and there has to be some reason that many people historically have been and still are ethically and morally deficient. Fortunately, we're evolving our consciousness and we can hope for a far better future.
The times we're now in, I believe, are to allow us to better see the nature of the beast so we can chop its head off and be done with it. The sooner the better.
Tune in to learn more about ourselves.


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