Christian de Quncey is back again and we'll be talking about how we're all uniquely wired and understand things in different ways. What language are we speaking and how do we find agreement? We think language is a great way to communicate our truths but somehow they often get lost in translation. No matter how we express ourselves, other people don't necessarily hear it the way we think they should. How can we get over this gap and make it an easier world to get along in? Unfortunately, there are many people who use this problem to their advantage and manipulate ideas that distort public values. We need to understand our vulnerabilities as humans and maybe we can learn to listen better (as a starter).

I love shows about consciousness and Christian de Quincey is the best author to talk about it. His life is directed to help us learn more about this rich topic so tune into this show and learn more about it for yourself.
The better we understand our mechanics, both personally and societally, the better chance we have of understanding each other.

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