Can this be the secret to mastering life?  Energy Stew interview with Marion Mace
Our DNA is mathematically limited to do everything on its own without external help (or hindrance). It needs us and the way we live our lives has great influence. We're partners with our DNA. This is why adding to its math by using algorithms is a great support.
I'm interviewing Marion Mace again to dive deeper into the magic of numbers because e

verything in life has a mathematical foundation. There are codes, formulas and algorithms that everything can be broken down to.
Amazing things can be done to augment our lives by using specific numerical codes including to restore our worn bodies. The numbers can heal the mind, body and spirit.
A while back, I ran into the work of Grigori Grabavoi, a russian scientist, who has developed a very elaborate system of numerical sequences (algorithms).
In this show, I'm again interviewing Marion Mace, who has studied the Grabovoi system and is helping many people by using his numbers. Her website is


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