What are your intentions about living in truth? Are you clear about the truths you believe in? We all have our priorities. Many people only want to respect ideas (true or not) that support their lifestyles and their associations. For this second interview with Stuart Brody, we're going to talk about the distortions of reality that propaganda and fear have created and make this an unstable world. It's hard to be confident of the future when we see so many people who are unable to identify truth. Maybe fear is clouding their ability for discernment and wisdom. Perhaps truth is more apparent than some of us realize but our society is asking many people to ignore the greater good in favor of their tribal associations such as greedy corporations and political parties. Stuart Brody has written a very important book, "The Law of Small Things", about the challenge of living in truth and the need to build a stronger culture of trust.

These are difficult times when we don't know who to believe and what to trust. It's important to develop better discernment tools to find our way. Stuart Brody has written about many of the pitfalls of trust and his book, "The Law of Small Things, Creating a Habit of Integrity In a Culture of Mistrust", is extremely helpful to find your way through this fragile era.
He enumerates so many ways that our lives have been compromised by the needs of so many who cloud the nature of truth. Tune into this very insightful interview to learn about how to live with more clarity and discernment.

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